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We offer the latest technology in live streaming, digital events, virtual events, event filming and video production. Contact us to see how we can help with your next event.

Short videos are a quick and effective way to get your brand’s message across in a captivating way. More and more companies are opting to record event footage to have as either a marketing tool or simply as a way of keeping useful data on websites. It really is one of the best tools of communication, as more people can relate to a video message than any other form.

One of our most popular option is an audio recording with standard editing. This recording can be used to create MP3 files which can be downloaded from your website by your clients and customers. Our technical crew will attach lapel microphones to presenters and ensure sound levels are all correct before going ahead with the recording.

With video recording, there are a number of options you could consider. You can create video footage for, YouTube, your website, observational research or even a DVD to make further sales to your audience.

We are also able to set up cameras to record for a live feed to another room or link to a web-conference. Having a live feed at a large seminar can be highly effective in engaging your audience and ensuring all audience members do not miss any vital information.

Our videographers are smart, enthusiastic and discreet on the day of the event. You can be assured that your event will go along smoothly without worrying about obtrusive cameras.

Depending on your venue, the size of the event and what you want recorded, there will be a number of elements which we will consider, such as; whether one or multiple cameras are needed, if the cameras will be static or roaming, if you require standard or high definition quality imaging, and we will assess the lighting in the room and the impact it will have on the recording.

During a pre-arranged site visit, our professional videographer technicians will discuss all factors with you, and provide you with solutions which you are happy to proceed with.